REV marketSMART technology

Who just left your website?
There! It just happened again!

Now, How cool would it be, if you knew exactly who was just on your web site and what pages the visited or actions they took?
Pretty Damn Cool


REV Lead Gen Technology
by Duplicates INK – marketSMART

   Website Analytic tools are essential for todays marketing managers and business owners.  These tools provide an in depth look at where visitors to your website are going and what they are doing while on your site.   With additional digital tools (like our marketSMART2.0 platform) you can actually display digital ads to those people that have been to your site as kind of a reminder strategy.

      Most people that visit your website are actually anonymous and a stunning 96% of your website visitors leave your site without taking action. (Source: Marketo)

     REV – a marketSMART technology by Duplicates INK takes retargeting a step further.  REV Re-engages website visitors through a 300+ point Retargeting algorithm.  This technology uses a combination of IP addresses, device ID’s, online activity, and cookies resulting in being able to identify mailing addresses for the visitors to your site, with a 95% accuracy.

     Imagine how your sales will REV up by re-engaging website visitors with a direct-mail postcard or sending a brochure only days after they visited your website.   At Duplicates INK – marketSMART we will incorporate a winning strategy that will yield a above average response rate.

     The most qualified lead to receive direct mail marketing is a potential prospect that has spent time on your website.

     REV provides users with a dashboard that will display mailing address, the top 5 pages they visited while on your site and how much time they spent on those pages.  

     Say Good-bye to the abandoned shopping carts.  By leveraging our REV technology a postcard with an attractive Call to Action can now be sent to those abandoned sales.

     REV can be implemented in minutes with a small pixel that is inserted in your website (similar to a FB pixel or Google Pixel) and REV starts tracking immediately.   All visitor data is secure and private to only you.

     Our clients find comfort in knowing that our REV tracking pixel (code Snipit) doesn’t slow down the performance of your site in any way!

Start Re-Engaging Visitors today
with REV by Duplicates INK